Film Review: The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

26 Apr




Did I really think this would be ANY good?

No, but I do like big, society of spectacle style films… sometimes. Here I am now, entertain me.


On Keanu: Never has an actor being employed so much, simply for their ability to not act. No tone, no facial expressions, no pulse – get Reeves. He’s like a minimalist painting, but less artistically relevant. 

Kazimir Malevich Black Square, 1913, Oil on Canvas, State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg

Kazimir Malevich Black Square, 1913, Oil on Canvas, State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg




Keanu Reeves: White Cool

However, I do like the double meaning in the title.

(Spoiler): The earth stands still as everyone is fixated by the arrival of alien spheres (who have come to destroy us because we are destructive).

The aliens ‘see the other side to us’* and decide not to eat us with their nano bots. Result: the earth is still standing.


*We are loving, and know how to put on the waterworks when necessary.


This apocalyptic, end of times movie abounds with christian references which really grate (Arks, jesus like figure walking on water, stigmata, and ability to heal). Do they put these in to appease America’s large conservative christian population and their morbid eschatological obsession. Yes, yes they do. Can we just have an non-biblically referenced apocalyptic film? Like the delightful Threads (1984)? {youtube}.

It also has a ridiculous weak ecology message to please the hippies. (spolier 2) The aliens let us stay on the planet if we stop driving SUVs, pumping oil, and leaving the damn lights on.

I have a question. What is your favourite apocalyptic film? Or do you wish they would stop making them all together?



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