Guest Film Review: Fan Boys (2008)

6 May

Our first guest film review! Eugenia Lim is a brilliant local artist who helps run Tape Projects (rad website) and had the dubious pleasure of catching Fan Boys at an ACMI media screening recently.

T & A and “the force”.

Fanboys is a coming of age flick set in the dark dark past of the last millenia – 1998. Think Chumbawamba’s anthem to inebriation “I get knocked down” (featured in the film) and you have the emotional sweep of this movie, plus a little Skywalker adoration thrown in. Amusing in parts but mostly cringe-worthy, Fanboys sits in the middle. It could have been much much geekier for die-hard Star Wars fans, but instead smacks of mediocre humour and jock-ness. Pasty boys with pasty humour all lusting after the big things in life: a sneak peek at the then soon-to-be released “Star Wars Episode I” – and titties. Female viewers beware – Fanboys is like stumbling across a sci-fi chatroom where emoticons (cute but annoying) and allusions to porn (yawnsville) rule



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