Star Trek (2009)

13 May

star trekThe latest Star Trek film is the eleventh in the franchise’s history or the forty-seventh if you count the thirty-six unofficial films made by Coburg resident Darren Kaulic. Shot mainly on video and bits of string, Darren’s films frequently broke the mould of the conventional Trek saga. Captain Kirk was often played by one of, (or several of) Darren’s cats and Ohura was voiced by Darren screaming into a cup even though the actor portraying Ohura could mimic the original TV incarnation of the character flawlessly.

Darren’s most renowned film “The Wrath of My Landlord” featured Darren in a hand knitted Star Fleet uniform trashing his squalid hovel of a home. Shunned by the Academy time and time again, Darren moved toward a more artistic approach to his Trek films. His twenty-first film “Star Trek The Motion Picture” bore none of the hallmarks of the series, did not include any of the original characters and was technically just a drawing of his Medicare card.

After being released from a brief stint in prison in 1983, Darren went back to basics and reintroduced many of the characteristics of his earlier work. “Star Trek, Ignore the Dark Stains on My Driveway and Something About An Antenna” was a return to form for Darren, who played every character ever seen on screen in the TV series and films. Kirk confronting Bones about his desire to marry the front lawn was one of the more memorable moments of the piece.

Darren ceased making Star Trek films in 1997 when during the filming of “Star Trek vs Batman”, Darren fell out with the executive producer, which was himself.

Although the new Star Trek picture doesn’t have the finesse of Darren’s work, it still should be seen post haste.

By Simon Godfrey


3 Responses to “Star Trek (2009)”

  1. Ronan Macewan May 13, 2009 at 9:28 pm #

    I’m totally going to the Kaulic retrospective.

  2. TrekFan81 May 14, 2009 at 7:52 am #

    The front lawn didn’t want to be married. It was an arranged marriage, a forced marriage. Check your facts before you go spouting your vile ignorance all over the blogosphere.

  3. berty kidd May 15, 2009 at 4:31 pm #

    What the fuck is star trek? start plugger slappin NOW!

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