Link Update: May

27 May

Here is a list of the sites to be added to our links list (found to your right):

The film company that produced the brilliant Synecdoche (2009) {link}

Media artist, Jeff Scher’s site ‘fez films’ has lots of insightful commentary and great shorts {link}

The pretty Chauvel cinema in Sydney, named after the controversial director of Jedda(1955). {link}

Canadian distributor, Mongrel Media, fantastic list of films {link}

Brad Nguyen, Film reviewr from RRR breakfasters, has a film blog over here: {link}

For wordier diegesis on an eclectic range of films: catabloguing. {link}

Our regular reviewer and poet laureate, Anna Sutton, has a new (non film) blog. Its lovely: {link}

LittleWhiteLies is great film review website, with a spunky design. That’s right spunky: {link}

Film Production company, Killer Films. {link}

Synapse films distributes some pretty bizarre titles, including Executive Koala. {link}

Good resource of images from MGM films. {link}

Applause Pictures, Asian film producers with a handsome website: {link}

Encyclopedia of Fantasy, Film and Television, (EOFFTV), is home to a huge range of articles and production details on genre films and various froms of ‘ploitation flicks {link}

Film distributor, Kino {link}

That’s all for this month.


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