Review: Heavens Gate (1980): Minute by Minute

7 Jul

Simon continues his lauded celluloid odyssey through a Micheal Cimino’s maligned celluloid odyssey, Heaven’s Gate.

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“Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! His truth is marching on!” The parading persons seem very keen on throwing their hats into the air. This minute is practically an exposé of hat throwing at Harvard University in the 1870s. The students would want to be careful. In 1864 graduating students at Yale University each threw up their hats at the same time, blocking out the sun for ninety days and killing all life in Connecticut. John Hurt joyfully utters a curious line, “this very night I am going to repent all my sins.” I assume he killed a hooker, but what was her name? And what was John Hurt’s motivation for lashing out in such a way? It’s hard to know as the band drowns out the rest of his sentence. The music is stirring and the costumes are terrific, but I felt this scene could have used a pie fight or some form of archaic jape to distract the audience from the fact that nothing has happened yet.heavens-gate5

One Response to “Review: Heavens Gate (1980): Minute by Minute”

  1. Ronan July 8, 2009 at 9:30 am #

    That assumption about John Hurt could get a defamation case brought against us pretty soon.

    But if that’s what it takes to bring the truth out, so be it.

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