Weekend End Reading #8: Warner brothers, BD LIVE, Michael bay transforms, Andy Warhol

11 Jul

Warner brothers attacks kids

“All I wanted to do was set up a site for fans of Harry Potter, like myself, and now I’m being attacked by a large corporation who know I don’t have the financial means to defend myself,” {link}

BD Live: Live audio commentaries

“Chris Nolan just hosted the live, on-demand substitute for a Dark Knight commentary track last night. So why was I left unsatisfied after squinting at my TV for two and a half hours? To refresh, BD-Live is the Blu-ray technology that allows for more interactive special features on your disc, like being able to arrange “screenings” with your friends or record commentary tracks yourself.” {link}

Micheal Bay transforms into a baby.

Michael Bay: Classy gent

Michael Bay: Classy gent

His pre release jitters are pretty amusing considering how much that AWFUL SEQUEL has gone on to earn. {link}

1979, Andy Warhol and “Nurse Ratchet” (One flew over the cuckoos nest) have a chat

AW: Nashville was really great. I met a lot of product names there. I met Jack Daniels. I met Maxwell House Coffee.
LF: These were people?
AW: Yes, they were great. In Birmingham they’re a lot of famous brands, too, but I guess I didn’t know who they were.
LF: That’s what makes you happy?
AW: Well, Jack Daniels is my favorite drink so to meet the person who owns Jack Daniels was so exciting. {link}

Why do our films make no money? Why don’t Australians see Australian films?

“WHEN Antony Ginnane, the president of the Screen Producers Association of Australia, said last year that people would rather jump out of a plane than watch an Australian film, many may have dashed for the emergency exit with him. “We’ve been making, in the main, dark, depressing, bleak pieces that are the cultural equivalent of ethnic cleansing,” Ginnane told the association’s conference on the Gold Coast. “Nobody goes to see them … We cannot continue to simply expect $100 million-plus worth of support a year to be handed over by Government if our share of the theatrical box office remains an appallingly low 2 to 3 per cent.”” {link}


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