MIFF & PHILOS-o-FACE giveaway #1

25 Jul
dead heads

dead heads

Prue from PHILOS-o-FACE has teamed up with the Melbourne International Film Festival to bring You//Me//Them//Us a special edition range of supre cool brooches: PHILOS-o-FACE: Directors Cut (No, not directors cunt. Whats wrong with you?). Featuring over 30 well known directors (for those in the know), they are both smart and sexy, and available to win. Right now!

Australian Film Review will be giving away one of these brooches every four days from the festival (They usually retail for about $35 from such places as Alphaville and Kids in Berlin).

How to win:

1st step: Tell me which director said the following: “How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caght in the roller of an electric typewriter?”

2nd step: Tell me something I don’t know about them. Multiple somethings accepted for those who wish to hedge their bets.

email your answers to ausfilmreview@gmail.com

Clue: It's not this guy

Clue: It's not this guy


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