Heaven’s Gate (1980): Minute by minute: part 8

1 Aug

Not even MIFF can fatigue or distract Simon as he dissects and vitalizes Michael Cimino’s maligned epic, Heaven’s Gate.

8 of 229

It is abundantly clear that “behove” is a word which is not used oft’ enough in modern cinema. I personally believe it behoves all hairdressers to watch this 60,000,000,000 nanoseconds of film as the side part count is through the roof! The tally is kept on a large scoreboard atop the hall where the class of ’70 are congregated. A large scaffold surrounds the board as it is being renovated thanks to the kind donations of Mrs. Herbert Slone. Of course, the scoreboard isn’t shown and Mrs. Slone is never mentioned, but their existence is implied by the way Kris Kristofferson blinks. It’s a testament to Kristofferson’s acting. Was Brando able to imply a large score keeping device on a roof by merely closing his eyes momentarily? I think not! Well, maybe once… certainly in On the Waterfront, possibly in Superman and about nine times during the Godfather – but that’s all!

I can’t wait to experience what else Kristofferson’s involuntary facial movements convey.


sidepart, hidden by hats

Read the rest of heaven’s gate here.

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