MIFF review: We Live in Public (2009)

3 Aug

Genre: Documentary

Dir: Ondi Timoner

we_live_in_publicWhat were you doing in the mid-90s? I spent a large portion of my time eating Maggi 2 Minute noodles (the chicken flavoured ones) and wearing dachet jeans. On the other hand, Josh Harris, “the greatest Internet pioneer you’ve never heard of”, was busy smothering himself in all the giddy delights available to a self-made millionaire of the dotcom variety. For a while it seemed computer nerds like Harris were destined to a life of solitude and short sleeved shirts and ties, but the Internet boom freed the geeks from their polyester shackles and allowed them to firmly suckle at the teat of cooldom.


Josh Harris was a playboy gazillionaire. Unfortunately for Josh he was also a playboy gazillionaire with an untapped talent for bad performance art and squandering fortunes. Punctured with awkward and cringe-worthy moments, We Live in Public documents his forays into Internet TV and barely legal but amusing social experiments.  If you are inspired by Branson-esque tales of daring entrepreneurial successes, this film will probably disappoint. However, if you have an interest in any of the following: mental decay, nudity, guns, apple farms, video conferencing, Sherwood Schwartz, public defecation, bunk beds or circular showers, you might just enjoy it.

score: 3.5 stars

Virginia Mannering

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