Heaven’s Gate (1980): Minute by minute: part 15

24 Sep

Well welcome to part 15, our special No Picture Edition of Heaven’s Gate. But have no fear Mr Godfrey’s magical words will weave a picture of photorealistic such proportions that you’ll believe that you were part of that minute. And you shared a sweaty, spinning minute with Kris Kristofferson. Over to you… Simon!

15 of 229

Here’s a prediction – this waltzing sequence goes on for a while yet. Call it instinct, call it an educated guess, call it a safe bet – but call it something for goodness sake. So people are spinning, while some continue to throw junk in the air, while invisible people hold invisible placards brandishing slogans urging the plot along. These people are known as the audience and have been ignored thus far. Kristofferson calls a broad beautiful and she reciprocates the compliment. It would have been more interesting if she’d cogently discussed quantum mechanics instead, but clearly Cimino is sexist. I’m not going to qualify that slanderous comment further. John Hurt too is dancing, swinging his partner round like a coat hanger on a clothesline. I hope she dries soon.

He’s done it again, read the previous 14 parts here to get an insight in to the previous 14 parts.


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