Heaven’s Gate (1980): Minute by minute: part 20

18 Nov

It’s been almost 3 weeks since our last minute by minute post, but boy did we have a fun holiday in that locked office toilet. Take it away Godfrey.

20 of 229

After a few more cries of “yippee!” from Hurt and a demonstration of an obvious fire hazard from the women holding candles, Kristofferson is suddenly on a train twenty years later.

The prologue was just his memories!

Rather detailed for a memory. Over a twenty-year period there is no way that he’d recall every detail of his graduation, especially the events he never witnessed. Anyway, Kristofferson is on the train, leaning back with a hat over his face, presumably because it helps him see through time. On top of the train, a whole lot of people are sitting calmly. Black smoke is puffing from the engine and… my god; they’re not fuelling the train with people are they? Shovelling poor passengers into the burner! Of course! That would explain why the smoke is black rather than white, which it would have been ordinarily at that time as the steam engines in the west used wood – not coal. Goodness, gracious! Get off the train! They’re gonna burn you alive so Kris Kristofferson can get to wherever it is he’s going! Jump! Run!

The train is running on Soylent Green; an innocuous, but highly nutritional, snack bar.

catch the back story here.


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