The Strength of Water – Australian release

3 Dec

So, actually being in the NZ film industry has sucked my time away from AFR. But as this is in direct interest to my job, you get an update about the beautiful New Zealand film The Strength of Water. It opens today in Melbourne (Palace Como), Sydney (Chauvel) and Brisbane (Palace Barracks). Please check it out. Promise it’s worth it.

The Strength of Water - in Australian cinemas now


When a mysterious stranger arrives in their isolated coastal town, ten-year-old twins Kimi and Melody are forced apart. Kimi must find the strength to let go of what he loves the most.

Kimi and Melody live happily in an isolated Maori community until an enigmatic stranger, Tai, arrives, precipitating an accident which forces the twins apart. While others punish Tai, Kimi acts out his heartbreaking loneliness in destructive, angry ways, while looking after the Melody that only he can see. His family is concerned for him, but only Kimi’s belief in his sister can save him.

Here are some good reviews (that’s because I couldn’t find any bad ones. No, really.)

The New Zealand Herald

The Dominion Post


Link to the Official Strength of Water website

A piece about the director Armagan Ballantyne – who I have mentioned before in a previous blog

…and the trailer:


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