Heavens Gate: Minute by Minute review: Part 24

1 May

24 of 229

Having killed the migrant, (presumably for sport), Walken rides past a massive line of more migrants. They appear downtrodden and Walken’s horse kicks up dust from the road they trudge along. I count 447 million dust particles, but it could be 448 million: the film grain makes it hard to count. The migrants don’t seem in high spirits. Perhaps the 1890s sport of migrant shooting isn’t their cup of tea? It could also just be half time in said sport and they’re pooped. More likely that whenever migrants walk along in a line, carrying their possessions, they have to look downtrodden; it’s a union thing. Woo, if the fact he just shot someone doesn’t give it away, Mr. Walken is angry. He yells at the travellers to go back to where they came from as he speeds away on his steed. Go back to where they came from? Atoms of a star? Surely reverting to this form would make them invincible and impossible to shoot. Walken is either thick or likes a challenge. It’s probably a bit racist to assume that all migrants can regress to stardust when they feel like it. Some can, obviously, though not all. But when the ones that can, do… it’s quite a sight. Oh, sorry, it was 448 mil. I missed a particle on someone’s shoe.

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Simon Godfrey

Minutes 1-23: here.


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