Heavens Gate (1980): Minute by Minute review: Part 25

6 May

25 of 229 (Super Special Pictureless Edition For The Text Age (SSPEFTTA)

This is a minute of migrants walking. That’s all. Where are they walking? To the promised land – a land of coconuts and small frogs who dance on command? To a place of unimaginable opulence and a factory that produces empty soup cans; which perplexes all but a wealthy industrialist named Bert? To a region where fabric is illegal and humming birds tell smutty one liners at night clubs? To a location where you can cross at whatever part of the street you deem appropriate and policemen act out pantomimes about puppeteers who’ve fallen on hard times? To a site where the grass sleeps in twenty-minute intervals and handsaws are reasonably priced? To a setting where puzzles aren’t so difficult and “refraction” is the word all the cool kids are using? Probably.

Simon Godfrey

More of the same, but different, here... Probably.


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