Heaven’s Gate (1980): Minute by minute: part 26

17 May

26 was when I realised I was going nowhere and my dreams and aspirations would lead me no higher than editing a seldom looked at film blog. Without further ado…Heaven’s gate, the 26th minute!

26 of 229

A train arrives at the station. It has antlers. Ha ha, don’t they all? No, they don’t. It’s probably not a train, but a since-extinct species of antelope or, (could it be?) gnu.

This locomotive shaped wildebeest was once prominent in these parts, but was hunted to extinction, as it was the main food source of native pump trolleys and Buster Keaton. A caption appears – the antelope train is in Casper, Wyoming. It’s pulling into a station, making it less likely that it is a grass-grazing animal. Oh look, Kris Kristofferson is onboard. It seems like only yesterday, seven months ago, that he was dancing and molesting a tree at Harvard. If Kris is inside, it’s almost certain this is a train and not an antelope. If it were, it would be quite a disgusting trip for poor Kristofferson. Though he is swigging from a hipflask.

You’d have to think travelling in the rank bowels of a gnu would send you to drink. Anyway, the antlers sure fooled me. Clever disguise, Mr. Train. Well played, sir; well played.

Simon Godfrey


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