Heaven’s Gate (1980): Minute by minute: part 28

7 Jun

They say a mathematician does his best, most ground breaking, work before the age of 29. That it is no longer a saying. It is a proven.

28 of 229

The Battle Hymn of the Republic serves as the score for this scene as James, having exited the train, walks along the platform past the carriages. One has a large “86” painted on it. What is the significance of this number?

Part I

If you add 8 + 6, you get 14 and if you add 1 + 4 it equals 5 – which is interesting because James first strides in front of the carriage bearing the number 86 at the 5 second mark.

He arrives at the painted number “86” at the 12 second mark of this minute. If you divide 60 (seconds) by 12 (seconds) it equals 5.

If you add the 5 seconds (when he is first in front of carriage) with 12 (when arrive at No.) it equals 17. If you add 1+7 you get 8.

Part II

Divide in a similar fashion, the 60 seconds by 5 seconds (time first walked in front of carriage), you get 12 – the time he arrived at the number.

Part II (a)

James is at the end of the carriage at the 20 second point. Divide (as we have been) 60 by 20 and it equals 3.

Add the totals of his arrival at the carriage (60/5) total of 12 + his departure (60/20) total of 3, you get 15. Add 1 + 5 and you get 6.


Put the two numbers of those totals from Part I and Part II together and you have 86. Add 8 + 6 = 14. Add again 1 + 4 = 5… and guess what American Civil War era military song is playing during the fifth minute of Heaven’s Gate? Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Shit, all that maths for nothing.


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