MIFF 2010 recommendation #1: Documentary

8 Jun

Hello dear friend,

The greatest time of the year for local cinephiles is approaching: The Melbourne International Film Festival. For about 18 days, across 4 sites and about 8 cinemas the MIFF manages to pack a lot films in; most of which never receive a general or arthouse cinematic release (despite deserving to).

The elves over at the MIFF workshop announced the ‘first bite’ of films last week; you download the brochure here. What do you think looks great? For me, the documentary program always stands out.

Videocracy: Seems to explore the Eurotrash side to Italy, and also the immense power TV wields over there (as evinced in the long running success of that most vile and disappointing of humans, prime minister Berlusconi).

I’ve often been fascinated by, and felt deeply sorry for, the people who live amongst garbage villages. A new documentary, Wasteland , winner of the doco audience award at Sundance, explores this phenonomen of extreme adaptation: but it does so with a very artistic and self-aware twist. Looks like it’ll make me cry. I like weeping in the cinema, but I try to finish it before the lights come up, which is not always easy.

That’s it for now, do let me know if there is anything you think is a must see. I’ll be taking submissions during this period as well; if any one feels moved (positively or negatively) to get something across to the AFR’s 3 readers send it my way!


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