MIFF recommendations #2: Neighbourhood Watch

9 Jun

I wanted to write a brilliant summary of the varied films that come out of Asia, but tried for 10 minutes and then gave up.

Basically I want to say, Asian cinema = good. Asian cinema = surprising.

From the announced films in MIFF’s Asia-land section, I am DEFINITELY seeing Love in a Puff. Might take a recently quit smoker with me to torture them.

Speaking of torture, City of life and death looks amazingly well-shot, and certainly one to see in the cinema. However, it looks quite traumatic, so you might need to do some mental preparation first.

I am not sure about Love Doll – while quirky Japanese comedies are my thing, this just looks a bit gross. It’s about a love doll that comes to life and has an enchanting magical adventure in real life, including striking up some sort of r/ship with her owner. But has she effectively been getting raped by this sad fellow? Not quite sure how they are going to deal with that one.

I’m looking forward to the complete program. So much.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Open ended question, I know.


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