MIFF Top 5 lists

15 Jul

The Malaysian International Furniture Fair has rolled around again and even with unlimited time and money it would be impossible to see everything you wanted to at this years MIFF.  Luckily, AFR have done the thinking for you and squeezed our encyclopedic film knowledge and personal fancy into a nice and easy to digest top 5 format.  Mmmmm…. 5.

Anna ‘facebook schmaishbook’ Sutton’s top 5

1. Survival of the Dead. Drive-in style at Shed 4. Fill a car (preferably not a Holden Barina – it’s a size thing) with your nearest and dearest and a hip flask with your rocket fuel of choice. The expansive warehouse down by the Bolte bridge provides the perfect setting in which to enjoy Romero’s latest zombie escapades. Just don’t squabble in the back seat, kids.

2. Four Lions. A jihad satire! How did Chris Morris even get this made? The brains behind media satire Brass Eye conducts a group of clownish English terrorists who would be more comfortable bouncing on a jumping castle than detonating bombs in the tube. I’m interested in seeing how Morris succeeded in making a film that captures “the Dad’s army side of terrorism”, while not being a hate film that offends Muslims.

3. Enter the Void. Neon-soaked, strobe-lit, darkly sensual, and with a soundtrack by Thomas Bangalter, Gaspar Noe’s Irreversible was a brilliant if at times harrowing experience. Enter the Void is the next instalment of symphonic cinema with hardcore impact and it simply must be experienced on the big screen. Don’t go alone (seriously).

4. Rubber – It’s about time we saw a new horror film based on object-oriented horror. We’ve had clotheslines, trucks, dolls, corn, a 58 Plymouth Fury…but a tyre named Robert? I love road movies, horror and the smell of burning rubber so it’s win win I reckon.

5. Bill Cunningham New York. Oh Bill! He wears his heart on his sleeve with all the eccentricity of vintage New York. His candid photos of the people who make the Big Apple so shiny are published weekly in the New York Times and, in short, I wish he was my friend. Check out his loving testament to the heyday of Carnegie Hall studios and the artists that resided there. That sweet, crackly 80-year-old voice just kills me:

Nick ‘hit it an quit it’ Verso’s  top 5

1.  Enter The Void (saw this as a work in progress last year and it was amazing.  Can’t wait to see how it’s finally turned out).
2.  The Silent House

3.  When You’re Strange

4.  The Hole 3D

5.  Air Doll

GJ ‘Take the Money and Run”B’s  Top 5

1. The Movie Orgy

2. World’s greatest Dad

3. Boy

4. Rubber

5. Videocracy

Gram’s “I better do one too” Top 5

1. Four Lions

I wish Chris Morris really was my uncle.

2. Survival of the Dead

I, like, totally liked zombies since, like, before they were cool n that.

3. Boy

I had a chance to see this earlier in the week and though it fails when it tries to take itself seriously, as a collection of skits there are some very funny moments. If you like Naploean Dynamite or Flight of the Conchords this one’s for you.

4. Air Doll

Japan seems like the perfect setting for this retake on the Pinocchio/Weird Science story.

5. The Boys: The Sherman Brothers Story

Can’t wait to hear about all the heartache and pain behind the songwriting partnership that brought us Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Ben ‘I’m going to cheat and make my fifth choice a critique of the program rather than an actual film even though it’s clearly not within the guidelines given to me and is cheating’ Buckingham’s Top 5

1. Enter the Void.

Described as the 2001: A Space Odyssey of mindfuck cinema. I’ve been told by those lucky enough to have seen it that it MUST be seen in the cinema or not at all. The two fellows who told me this had to briefly leave to avoid throwing up due to motion sickness.

2. City of Life and Death.

At this point it is looking to be THE harrowing event of the festival. An apparently stunning black and white examination of the Rape of Nanking, depicting events from both sides, which has garnered it more controversy than Men Behind the Sun, which is just daft but a story for a different time.

3. The Killer Inside Me.

If you’ve never read a Jim Thompson novel then you really need to right now. He co-wrote The Killing and Paths of Glory with Kubrick, and is responsible for The Grifters and The Getaway (which originally had an ending much more akin to Peckinpah’s classics than the one he served up in film form). His pulp noir is despairingly dark in the vein of Hubert Selby Jnr. Winterbottom’s adaptation is as brutal as Thompson always said it was, with intriguing casting in the form of Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba, which will hopefully live up to the hype and it’s fascinating hybrid promise.

4.  Machete Maidens Unleashed!

Because there just isn’t enough love for bizarre cinema from some of the less renowned Asian countries. A documentary examination of Filipino genre cinema, just the thing to warm one’s cockles on a winter’s eve. Also, there is a special one off event screening with Filipino heighsploitation film For Y’r Height Only (yes, it is about a midget).

5. There are going to be a lot of fantastic films showing over the next month, the selection this year is very diverse and intriguing, and I could take a shot in the dark at a variety of films which sound fascinating, but I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to be a little bit faux controversial and bring up two films that are missing and SHOULD be here. Nicholas Winding Refn’s Valhalla Rising. The esoteric arthouse violent Viking film to end all esoteric arthouse violent Viking films; the trailer burns the retinas and it needs to be here yesterday; after the resounding stylistic success of last years Bronson this should be here and holding number one position. And Ole Bornedal’s Deliver Us From Evil; described as a Danish Straw Dogs, dealing with xenophobia and delving deep into sociology and horror, this film has made many top 5 festival lists when actually screened. By the director of Just Another Love Story and featuring an apparently amazing performance by Lene Nystrom, this has been in my top 5 list for the last 6 months, but alas, who knows when it will arrive on our shores.

Beverly ‘Straight as an arrow’ Callow’s Top 5

1. The Illusionist

2. LSD
3. Petition
4. Rabbit à la Berlin
5. The Silent House

4 Responses to “MIFF Top 5 lists”

  1. Ben B July 16, 2010 at 1:34 pm #

    My mummy says I’m allowed to be different 😛

    So many awesome picks by everyone else. Every moment that I am not working will be spent bouncing from cinema to cinema (and I might even try to sneak into a few while I am working, it’s killing me that I’m going to be working in the cinema next door while Enter the Void is showing!)

  2. Jemila July 16, 2010 at 6:21 pm #


    2. SYMBOL



    5. RUBBER

  3. samir August 15, 2010 at 1:20 pm #

    Lsd looks like a rip off! Adam rifkin’s 2007 film ‘LOOK’ is identical in its
    Treatment and concept!

    • Ronan Macewan August 17, 2010 at 5:01 pm #

      Well, bollywood is quite well known for it’s liberal appropriation of foreign films :).Thanks for the info, Is the Rifkin movie good?

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