MIFF 2010: Bring ‘em back + Drive

24 Jul

*** four very sad stories of avoidable deaths. Full of honesty and candor by the Tasmanian subjects. Walks a fine line and avoids being TAC propaganda, and is made more effective for that. What it lacks in craft it makes up in content which is fascinatingly revealing and which reaches your emotions (well mine at least).

Bring Them Back
**** Rose tinted view of the ‘connie’ era, but it gets you fired up and fills you with lamentation for the loss of the loveable locomotive larrikans. I moved to Melbourne during death throes of the tram conduct, and I remember the large amount of sadness from local people at their passing. This doco shows why while also going into the fraught union politics that disabled the movement.  It also makes a strong argument for their return. I hope I’m still in Melbourne if they pull that off. Bloody bring them back!



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