MIFF 2010 review: The Myth of the American Sleepover

25 Jul

Nicely shot with a washed out look with competent performances, conclusion has an air of christian moral judgement and purity. follows a group of teenagers over one evening, switching between tgeir narrative threads. in tge end it drags on too long and becomes tedious as it attempts to give each story a neat resolution. The teenagers come across as vacuous, slightly tedious. Plot has too many contrivances and absurdly unlikely moments which undermines the realist approach otherwise taken. Lacks the shock value of larry Clarks ‘kids’, the brilliant awkwardness of a solondz film and the warmth and complexity of Ang Lees ‘The Ice storm’, and the fun of Lucas’s ‘American grafitti’ – though it hints at all of these. Has its moments but a missed opportunity. **1/2


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