MIFF review 2010: Four Lions

28 Jul

An odd film about a touchy subject given the comedic treatment by master satirist, Chris Morris. It’s a fun piece of work that leaves you slightly agape and unsure about where it’s taking things. This is a film after all that has at its centre four Muslims from northern England comically planning the death of innocent civilians.

The overly clowning approach in Four Lions doesn’t always work however, the reduction of faith bound terrorists to goofy dads army nincompoops seems like a cheap shot for easy laughs. The characters work well together, but sometimes fail to create a cohesive or believable alternative universe. Even so, Morris takes an innovative approach and has a lot of fun with playing with stereotypes and taking the fear out of the bogeyman of jihad believers.

There are a lot of laughs to be had, but you wont see in full flight the satirical brilliance the director showed in his groundbreaking TV work here. ***1/2


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