Under the Dust: Blogging the film making progress

3 Aug

Before you start ripping into the last film you walked out on it might be worth sparing a thought for the film makers. They are real people who have no doubt spent the best part of their 20s going to film school,  organizing shooting schedules, using equipment and basically sacrificing their piece of the suburban dream just so we can graze on popcorn in the dark for a couple of hours.

Under the Dust is a new film blog by Jennifer Walsh that will chronicle the dizzying heights, death defying lows and creamy middles of getting a film off the ground.  Dealing with university film making departments who don’t seem to give a shit, trying to pay for a working with children checks for the entire crew; basically all the stuff audiences never think of when they use words like under developed and half-baked.

If you have ever tried to, or just thought about, making a film then this one’s for you.


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