MIFF Review 2010: Blame

6 Aug

This thing is good. It’s a good Aussie flick and a bloody good debut feature.

Thank Christ it’s not particularly derivative of what we’re used to from Oz cinema and doesn’t even feature Ben Mendelsohn. But at the same time it is definitely, definitely Australian.

It’s a thriller of sorts and has moments of “gasp” and “ooohhh” and “ha!” and “what the?”. Not ‘til some time into the film are we really sure what it’s all about but as the plot thickens, the direction skews and the (slightly self-conscious) clues gently piece the thing together.

The film looks sharp. It’s not complex. No sweeping landscapes or elaborate sets or gruesome gore. It’s more about tension and questions. There’s an exploration of character that sheds some blinding light on some disturbingly familiar traits and priorities of people we all know.

The score is built from a violin and a piano and strikes the aptly stark and mysterious chords. At times it interjects too briefly and could have lounged longer as a creepy bed beneath the quandary.

Some flaws will be highlighted by the finicky. Early on it’s chopped up with so many shots you forget where you are. There’s a lot of yelling. And there’s a point where the characters are so unsure of what the fuck to do next that you wonder if the script knows what the fuck to do next. But I like that. Because it ultimately finds its feet.

So I suggest having a look. Get swept along. Wonder why, and where to, and what for. And give this raw, local, first-time cracking effort the eyeballs it deserves.

Sam Aiton


3 Responses to “MIFF Review 2010: Blame”

  1. Farnoosh ~ Prolific Living September 20, 2010 at 10:52 am #

    Loved Blame and have yet to put my finger on exactly why – the ending is sad and tragic – the kids drive me crazy with their mistakes but it’s also a good bit of humor – the tension and thrill keeps you going – and I liked being able to ask the director questions directly – he got his inspiration from a UK newspaper about local crimes….and said you need to know your facts before you take the law into your own hands – how very true. I’ll write up a review for my top TIFF today!

    • Al June 15, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

      Sounds good. Hope it’s as good as you say, or I’ll Blame someone..

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