Heaven’s Gate (1980): Minute by Minute: Part 31

15 Aug

Incredibly incredible, Simon Godfrey continues his microscopic analysis of credible Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate.

31 of 229

Still at the station.

James’ friend admits between puffs on a pipe that he can’t stand his job. Inside the pipe is a small family who lost their land in a high-stakes game of snap. They are allowed to live rent free inside the pipe, so long as they keep it stocked with tobacco and chocolate. The father, whose penchant for children’s card games lost the family their land, is not a happy chap. He’s almost over his gambling addiction, but lost the nephew who was staying with them in a game of go-fish with the father of the family who live in James’ friend’s hat. He is trying to redeem himself by saving as much money as he can to move his family up in the world and rent inside a sock or shoe. One day, if enough is put aside and the father works hard, he can buy an apartment in a wristwatch.

It’s a noisy place to live, but at least you don’t have someone shoving a lit match through your roof every twenty minutes.

What lies beneath?

Take a puff of parts 1-30 right here


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