Heaven’s Gate: Minute by Minute: Part 32

24 Aug

Ever wanted to be in the movies? Hit up Cimino’s Mailbag Simon Godfrey provides the details below.

32 of 229

So much smoke! The combination of smoke from pipes, chimneys and trains,
coupled with the dust kicked up from the road, make it hard to see the scores
of extras. How many people were employed to appear in this film? Everyone?
Was everyone on the planet cast to play characters from “Townsperson 1”
to “Townsperson 4,568,072”, plus the plethora of incidentals that are yet to be
seen? If anyone was alive in the early 80s and didn’t appear in Heaven’s Gate
please write to:
PO Box 32
c/o Cimino Left Me Out
You shall be sent a care pack and an apology for being overlooked. In
the unlikely event that Heaven’s Gate is released in cinemas again, you
shall be digitally inserted into the picture with a silly bowtie. You know, so
you stand out. Plus, I like bowties… on other people, not me. They look
bloody ridiculous. Why would I want to wear one? If you’ve an answer to this
rhetorical question, please send it to:
Mrs. Patti Numark
888 Hooverdale Crescent
Vic, 3083
If she’s in a jovial mood, Patti will throw-up on your letter and then set it on
fire, which is a shame because the smoke will obscure the view of the extras
she’s trapped in her house.

To read parts 1-31, click the link at the top of the page.


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