DVD review: The Secret in their Eyes

25 Mar

By Michael De Martino

(2009, Argentina, in Spanish, Crime/drama, 127 minutes)

The Secret in Their Eyes follows retired judicial officer Benjamin Espósito (Ricardo Darin) who takes a retrospective look at his life in order to write his first novel. The subject of Espósito’s novel is the “Morales case” involving a rape and murder of a young woman he had worked on in the mid 70s that has had a heavy impact on his life. We follow two juxtaposing periods of Espósito’s life; the present time as he writes his novel, and his experiences with the Morales case.

Although not the most original premise, the defining feature of The Secret in their eyes is the script. From light comedy to inspirational life observations, the script respects and challenges the audience through its pacing and subtle hints to the film’s climax. Although The film maintains a consistent aesthetic, the script indicates discreet mood changes without crossing genre boundaries.

The beautiful score, strong acting performances, and at times breath-taking direction (see: the football match scene) assure that regardless of mood change, it remains a satisfying and engaging experience. Despite the drama and a somewhat shocking climax, The Secret in their eyes ties up neatly and is well deserving of its recent Academy Award win for best foreign language film, 2010.



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