35 of 229

31 Mar

35 of 229

Whiskey and a rifle… what a purchase! I think in the 19th century you couldn’t buy one without the other. It’s a sliding scale as well. If you buy a knife, you grab a beer and if you buy a cannon you score some smack. As Kristofferson pays, there is some commotion outside. An immigrant is getting the shit kicked out of him. In case you haven’t picked it up yet, I don’t think they are well liked, but I can’t be sure. Perhaps if it’s demonstrated a few hundred more times or so it might sink in. Just to be safe, the film could have used a subtitle each time an Eastern European appeared on screen reading, “not liked.” Hold on a second! Someone does like them! James (Kristofferson) is sticking up for the guy who got beat. I think the assailant is going to throw a punch. What will James do? He’s holding a riffle and a bottle; surely he can’t defend himself with his hands full. The other guy isn’t holding anything, but he could have horse coursing through his veins. Gasp! Look out James! He may have a cannon!


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