La Mirada Film Festival Review: También la lluvia (Even the Rain) (2010)

4 Apr

By Mia Robinson

Spanish with subtitles

103 minutes

Written by Paul Laverty, directed by Icíar Bollaín, Even the Rain is set in Cochabamba, Bolivia, during the “Water Wars” of 2000.  It tells the story of Spanish film director, Sebastián (Gael García Bernal) and film producer Costa (Luis Tosar), who travel to Cochabamba to shoot a film about Christopher Columbus’ exploitation and genocide of the native peoples. Whilst shooting the film, the town of Cochabamba becomes involved in dangerous protests against the privatization of water, with one of the leading actor’s also helping lead the protests, causing problems for Sebastián’s production.

Intercutting between footage shot for Sebastián’s film and the increasingly volatile goings on of Cochabamba, Even the Rain heightens to a climax simultaneously to the cinematic reconstruction of Columbus’ conquest. Parallels are drawn between the treatment of the natives by Columbus, and their treatment by the present government, making this an interesting film, largely due to its historical importance.  The most engaging aspect is the humane relationship that develops between Costa, and protest activist, Daniel (Juan Carlos Aduviri).

I really wanted this film to be better.  The story of Sebastián and his quest to make his film is a bit lackluster and easily dismissible, however, the film redeems itself somewhat through the telling of the native peoples’ plight, making for an enjoyable and moving film overall.  Further to its detriment, the subtitles were very difficult to read for the first half hour; white text on a predominantly white background.

Even the Rain is out through Morena Films and is showing as part of the La Mirada festival.


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