Cinematheque- Resnais (week 3)

9 May

Muriel ou le Temps d’un Retour

We visit the 1960s at Cinematheque for a final look at Alain Resnais. The players within Resnais’ 1961 feature Last Year at Marienbad are unnamed, further combing truth with fiction with memory with repetition with lies with dominance. Convinced that they had an affair the previous year, a man approaches a woman at a dinner party to relive what they once had. She however, insists they have never met. With music by Francis Seyrig, costumes by Chanel, and locations throughout Europe, Last Year at Marienbad is something not to miss.

Last year at Marienbad

The second feature for the night is Muriel ou le Temps d’un Retour (1963) which focuses on the recent end of the Algerian War and the effect this has had on people. Continuing his look into memory, repetition, time and fiction Resnais presents Helene, her old lover Alphone, and her step-son Bernard who is tormented by the memory of a girl he tortured in the Algerian War.

Between these two features is the short Les Statues meurent aussi which was directed by Resnais and Chris Marker in 1953. Resnias and Marker take a documentary-look at the destruction of African art by French colonial forces, both physical and cultural.


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