SFF 2011: End Of Animal: Surreal Korean Apocalyptia

18 Jun

By Lukey Folkard, Sydney Film Festival Correspondent

South Korean director Jo Sung-hee‘s surreal post-apocalyptic road-movie debut will horrify and delight fans of The Road, Stephen King, Lost and extreme Korean cinema.  A taxi-driver, a young pregnant passenger and a boy find themselves in a desperate fight for survival and sanity amongst a world now devoid of humanity.

A flawless cast, Lee Min-Ji’s performance tears at the soul as she makes her way, pregnant, through this lonely, hostile environment. With tips of the hat to just about every post-apocalyptic film ever made, End Of Animal somehow maintains originality throughout.

Being a fan of desolate horror, zombie and disaster films I can safely say this one’s one of the best. I only caught it accidentally and I’m so glad. If you cannot make it to see at the SFF, I hope for everybody’s sakes, End Of Animal gets a wider (or DVD) release soon.



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