Heaven’s Gate: Minute by Minute: part 36 of 229

1 Jul

36 of 229

Alright, the fighting man didn’t have a cannon. I got a bit excited. He did have a cannon ball though. I guess to fire he either places the ball on a pile of match heads or simply lobs it at his enemy. The immigrant is being beaten quite badly and his wife seems somewhat upset about it. Seriously, is there anything worse than a wailing eastern European woman? No wonder they’re subject to such racial vilification in this film. James isn’t having a bar of it. He slugs the attacker somehow, even though he’s holding the entire contents of the shop in his arms and the assault is over. He wanders over to the man with the pipe he recognised on the train platform. The family inside the pipe have gone through some further hardships in the past few minutes. The gambling father went mad and ate his family. At least he can’t use them as collateral in high-rolling games of Uno anymore. He’s also got more room for himself and plans to put in a spa and tennis court once the blood is mopped up. Meanwhile, the fighting man continues to yell abuse at the wailing woman.

“Why don’t you go back to where you came from?” he cries.

“Hardship,” I assume is the answer. But I don’t speak Hungarian.


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