18 Jul

FREE FILMS!- and now that I have your attention…

Once a month at Bar303 on High St, Northcote is Cinecult; a night of obscure, obsessive cult cinema appreciation. From Hercule’s Returns and Rock n’ Roll High School, to Never too Young to Die and Hands of Steel Cinecult has a wide variety of trashy films to fill in your Tuesday night.

Essentially it’s people getting together in the back of a bar to watch films that are otherwise near-impossible to see. Afterwards there is some more drinking, some more chatting and lots of quoting the masterpiece just seen. A great experience all up.

And this Tuesday (19 July) is a rare film indeed. The Beaver Trilogy released in 2000 but shot throughout 1979-1985 is another one of Trent Harris’ projects that has become more known for the story around the film than the film itself. Starring Groovin’ Gary, Sean Penn and Crispin Glover the film features numerous Olivia Newton-John songs- none of which they have the permission to use- and Sean Penn has purportedly tried to block the official release of the film numerous times. The film is split into three parts; ‘The Beaver Kid’, ‘The Beaver Kid 2’ and ‘The Orkly Kid’ with each of the actors playing the lead character in each short.

The first film- ‘The Beaver Kid’- is a documentary on Groovin’ Gary (real name Richard LeVon Griffiths) who Harris happened upon in Utah and started recording his celebrity impressions. Returning a few weeks later, Harris filmed Gary in a talent contest performing as Olivia Newton-John.

‘The Beaver Kid 2’ is a dramatic recreation of the original documentary with Sean Penn playing Groovin’ Larry Huff and reportedly filmed with a budget of one hundred dollars.

The last film has Crispin Glover reprising Penn’s character in ‘The Orkly Kid’. Glover performs as Olivia Neutron Bomb in a talent contest he has organised in the hopes of getting recognised and winning international fame.

And so come along on Tuesday and experience what is sure to be another great night of cult cinema.


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