Heaven’s Gate, Minute by Minute: part 39 of 229

22 Jul

Special no picture edition

39 of 229

The butler is leading us somewhere… But where? He’s got that old butler shuffle down. I think the “Old Butler Shuffle” was a kooky novelty dance popular at parties in the late nineteenth century. Oh, it’s a room full of people and no, they’re not dancing but whinging about immigrants. My previously expressed suspicion that a number of characters in this film are not overly fond of them is now confirmed.

Let’s check-off what we’ve learned thus far:

Click for begin learning tone

Eastern Europeans aren’t popular

James has trouble putting dressing himself on trains

Sparrows have gills

The butler and his tray demonstrate that even bigots need tea. Gasp! John Hurt is amongst the group. Tell me you’re not there for the racism, John! Tell me you’re just there for the beverages and to jive to novelty songs should the party turn wild! It’s a little known fact, but racists make fine tea. You’d think they drink whiskey, drain cleaner or brake fluid, but no – chamomile. They never drink peppermint though. No real reason, it’s just a hang-up.

“Come on everybody! Put down your Silvo!

Grab that lonely widower and do the Ol’ Butler Shuffle…”

Johannes Brahms 1890

From “Dancing Through Servitude – Songs to Belittle”


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