MIFF Review: Zebraman: Attack on Zebra City

23 Jul

See, this shows why The Green Lantern sucked, and this film does not suck.

Hells. Yeah. This movie is nothing but pure, unadulterated balls-to-the-wall entertainment.

I haven’t seen the first Zebraman, but if there are any people out there in need of a weird Japanese comedy about a school-teacher turned superhero fighting a homicidally-deranged pop star, Zebraman 2 will satisfy. As a sequel I couldn’t say if they’ve stayed true to the spirit of the original, but who cares?  Everything is fairly shallow, they tell you the bits of plot you need, and stripe it with broad lashings of Zen-lite philosophy. It won’t blow your consciousness to hell, but you’ll laugh, which in my opinion is worth more.You don’t need to know a damn thing about the Zebraman universe to get this so I’ll not waste precious words with plot.

Just watch this for fun subversion of Japanese tropes. And awesome outfits. And a giant soul-separating centrifuge. And sexy dudes with great hair. And the Mini-Skirt Police. And proof that comic timing transcends language. This film is great for a number of things, but what it really relies on most is the perfect interplay of restraint and insanity (hey, meta shit right there). I think everyone in the cinema breathed a sigh of relief when potential live-action tentacle rape was averted. As it was the girly crotch shots got more hilariously gratuitous as the film went on, and had this been an American movie it probably would have been offensive instead of funny. Also, best Safe Sex Endorsement ever.

If you’re into that sort of thing, you will have a damn good time if you see this film.



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