MIFF 2011: Three

23 Jul

German film Three presents the viewer with Hanna and Simon; middle aged, middle class, bored, and in for a whole lot of changes. Independently to each other they each start an affair with the same man- Adam. Hanna knows him through work (both are scientists though Hanna also has an art program on television, why? Who knows) and art engineer Simon meets him at a pool and later installs a sculpture at his work.

After Simon’s mother dies of pancreatic cancer and he himself goes through chemotherapy for testicular cancer, he and Hanna decide to marry on their 20th anniversary and in the midst of each of their affairs. Naturally things get complicated, very complicated, and as their lives become more and more intertwined all learn that some things cannot be reversed.

Honestly, I was expecting a little more. Tykwer’s previous films (Run Lola Run, Perfume and The International) all seem to have more to them which is odd because Three has a lot of unnecessary sub-plots and general ‘stuff’. It also passes into moments of mental fantasy that is never fully explored or evaluated, disappointing for this is done well in Run Lola Run.

The directing is fine, so is the acting and the music. The use of a split screen throughout works, though it does introduce more clutter into the film. Essentially; whilst the premise is good the execution is lacking.


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