Cine Cult- Viva

19 Feb

It is February, which means it is time for the February edition of Cine Cult. This Tuesday the 21st at 7.30pm we will be screening Viva (2007) a film by Anna Biller. Viva follows the sexual awakening of Barbi, a 1970s housewife who thought she and her loving husband Rick were the perfect couple- until the sexual revolution happened. Now Barbi, along with her neighbour Sheila, is questioning her role as a woman and as a wife, experiencing bondage parties, swingers’ gatherings, lesbianism, and much more.
Biller’s owed to the sexploitation films of the 1960s and 1970s is truly amazing and c complete homage to the genre. The situations, characters, clothing, dialogue and overall detail is completely realistic.

The screening is, of course, at the 303 Bar (303 High St. Northcote, and starts at 7.30pm, though feel free to get there earlier for drinky-drinks and to grab a comfortable couch.

More can be found at the Cine Cult ( or on Facebook under CineCult303.
Cine Cult is a once a month, not for profit, film night. We ask for a gold coin donation so that we may be able to source something even more amazing, crazy, weird, gross, crass, hilarious and enjoyable the following month.
Hope to see you there!


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