Melbourne Cinematheque- Asian Australia

20 Mar

Blazing Continent (1968) is a Japanese film by Shogoro Nishimura that was filmed in New South Wales but never officially released in Australia. It follows the trip taken from Japan to Australia by Keiichi (Tetsuya Watari), an artist who wishes to explore the barren Australian landscape. When he arrives, however, he runs into an ex-lover who is now engaged to an Australian mining engineer. This meeting leads all three into a downward spiral and into events that they cannot control.

Fun Fact!- The Man From Hong Kong was the first ever Australia/ Hong Kong co-production. It is also one of my favourite Brian Trenchard-Smith films.

Anyway, to begin with, the film stars Jimmy Wang Yu and George Lazenby (Australia’s own James Bond) and has the two of them fight it out, martial arts style, around an open fire place (spoiler alert: it doesn’t turn out too well for ol’ Lazenby and his hands).
Secondly, the film opens with a fight scene on Uluru. Not just at the site of Uluru but literally on Uluru and the fight is complete with cartoon influenced sound-effects. Ahh, the things you get away with in 1975…
Wang Yu plays Inspector Fang Sing Leng, a Cantonese martial arts specialist who has come to Australia to help clean the Sydney streets of drugs. Whilst doing this he is also wooing a journalist, showing Jack Wilton (Lazenby) who is boss, and up-showing the Australian police (Hugh Keays-Byrne and Roger Ward) every chance he gets. He also manages some hang-gliding and horse riding in his down time.


One Response to “Melbourne Cinematheque- Asian Australia”

  1. Stephanie Timp June 18, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    Dear Eleanor

    My name is Stephanie Timp and I am currently in year 12 at Barker College, Hornsby. This year, I have undertaken Extension 2 English in which I have created a short film as part of my Major Work. I know this might sound incredibly outlandish, but I was wondering if it was at all possible for me to talk to/ send someone my film in the hopes for some feedback and help.

    I eagerly await your reply!



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