Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 51 of 229

10 Aug

51 of 229

Dead man on a cart. That was a piece of crucial information I neglected to mention in part 50. We’re all just so desensitised to violence and fake blood so crimson it looks like poster paint these days. Shame, really. I blame the Pope. At any rate, James encounters, presumably, the dead guy’s wife and children as they pull him along and promises to sort it all out. That’s nice. Meanwhile, the kids are under eight years old; cover their dead father’s bloodied face, for goodness sake you heartless wench. She’s just told James they paid $150 for their land, she couldn’t fork out some more for a bit of cloth? Actually, never mind the cloth, the deceased is wearing a hat. Put it over his face! Your kids are traumatised and in the 1870s there weren’t video games to desensitise them to such horror. Hang on, $150 for land? I’m of course assuming that the $US has experienced zero inflation since the 19th century and had exactly the same purchasing power then as it does today. That’s a steal! No wonder the bloke was shot.


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