Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 55 of 229

14 Aug

55 of 229

O-oh! Cattle rustler is busted and Christopher Walken is mighty angry! The thief seems to be Hungarian. I’m starting to get the impression there’s some sort of trouble going on to do with cattle and immigrants. I could be mistaken; only fifty-five minutes have elapsed, so it’s early days yet.

Walken and his blonde moustache, who according to IMDB is played by Robert Redford, lets the thief live, claiming he’s “not going to kill a kid who still pisses in his pants”. Sage edict – I might found a church based on it. The fellow is hardly a kid and you can tell by his full-bodied moustache (played by Shelly Duvall). Is this how you win a duel and defeat vigilante justice; lose control of your bodily functions? Don’t let word out to Gotham, or Batman’s task of cleaning up the city will take an unsavory literal twist.

The minute ends with an image of a chicken.


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