Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 58 of 229

17 Aug
Dear Mr. Godfrey,
Thank you for letter requesting to join the Wagon Enthusiasts Club. Unfortunately, your application has not been successful. There are many reasons and to be perfectly honest, you are the first person who has ever been denied entry to the Club. Firstly, attempting to pay your Club fees in old Confederate money was not looked upon favourably. Secondly, it is non-negotiable that all members have access to their own horses and your promise to ‘build one’ was thought to be unfeasible by the selection committee. Finally, please stop sending us ointment. When driving, our members wear gloves and palm chaffing is rare. 
Tim McClelland
Wagon Club President

58 of 229

Have you ever spat whisky in an injured chicken’s face? If not, you should ask yourself, “Why?” It seems to have fired-up the chicken. It’s a wonder its circuits didn’t short-out. The cockfighting ring is in a saloon – every pub should have one, just next to the pokies. James arrives and leans on the bar. It’s a stunning shot as light pours through the windows, silhouetting James and concentrating two beams of diagonal light to the floor. It highlights how dusty the place must be. I know it’s probably not the swankiest of establishments, but the owner could give the place a wipe once in a while. What will James order? Probably something strong because he arrived by wagon and they’re horrible things that warrant no excitement or enthusiasm.


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