Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 62 of 229

21 Aug

62 of 229

The man in the white coat steams straight for another in a white jacket, gun at the ready and… and… and he spits in his face. This spawns a spitting match between the two. Back and forth they go. So much liquid. The chickens fight with more dignity. Why did he bring a gun if the plan was to spit? He should have brought a water pistol to save himself some effort.

Their quarrel is over land, but I can’t help but wonder why both are wearing boater hats? Wyoming is landlocked, so it’s plausible both live on a lake. They were sold land the agent warned was ‘a bit damp’ and now they’re directing their anger at each other instead of their local water council who continues to promise increased water taxi services, but just doesn’t deliver. It’s more probable their lands were once dry, but swelled with water after all the spitting fights.


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