Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 74 of 229

2 Sep

74 of 229

This scene is pointless. Devoid of point. Bereft of use. Ella speeds around the main drag of the village, hooning and driving recklessly. James is sheriff and should arrest her for interrupting a group photo without a permit. I know obtaining permission from the local municipality for such things may seem a little officious, but without order and procedure we are nothing but happy snap interrupting barbarians. When waiting in line, filling out the paper work, or having your request rejected on the grounds of incorrectly completing the form, you may feel frustration or anger. Suck it up and picture the alternative; a dystopian world without jobs for people who like to stamp things.

Save yourself the trouble of battling with a photographer and obtain a permit. It covers standing awkwardly to the side of frame hoping not to cross the shot and photo-bombing. It does not cover people who make bunny ears behind people’s heads. This is, and should always be, a hangable offense.


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