Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 76 of 229

4 Sep

76 of 229

More nudity. Is it making the film more exciting? Not really. Seriously, is this a tits and arse movie? I did pick up Heaven’s Gate and not the adult film version, curiously also directed by Michael Cimino? I think in every film contract you should be given first option to direct a sequel and the right to do the adult adaptation of the film. If the film is already risqué, you should be allowed to shoot the children’s version of the picture. Clean it up, add some unicorns and a song or two and suddenly you’re selling Last of the Tango Unicorns in Paris DVDs in ABC shops.

Ella bathes in the river and the scene serves as a reminder of the importance of hygienic wagon riding practices. People, please remember – wagons are riddled with disease and riddles. Don’t fall into the trap of wasting your life away trying to solve a riddle told to you by a wagon. They only pose enigmas in order to distract you from washing away their wagon diseases. Block your ears and wash your carriage.


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