Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 77 of 229

5 Sep

77 of 229

The nude bathing draws to a close. That must have been a cold shoot. James looks comfortable and warm in a three-piece suit. His neck is at a right angle, leaning against the wagon as he rests and that can’t be good for you. Ergonomics have come a long way. Poor James. The Johnson county chiropractor is going to have some business coming his way. He’s sleeping on the grass, why didn’t he lay flat instead of having his chin on his nipples?

Why do cowboys always seem to sleep uncomfortably? Is it a measure of manhood to slowly cripple yourself over time? They’re always putting rolled up clothing and whatnot under their heads. You can’t have a good night sleep if your head is pointing skyward. I’m not saying cowboys should sleep in four-post beds, but you can’t be gun slinging if you crick your neck and it fuses at 90 degrees. It also makes it hard to wear a hat. A strap could be fastened under the chin but would look silly and no Wild West villain is going to take you seriously.

Ella claims the water is nice, revealing the river is in fact water and not whiskey. Good news for Johnnie Walker that whiskey is not freely available in North American river systems. Bad luck for drunkard fish.


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