Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 80 of 229

8 Sep

80 of 229

Somebody shut that bloody river up! Ahem, excuse me. Despite Jim’s urging, Ella aint leaving Wyoming. And why would you? With the murders, thieving and drunkenness, it’s practically heaven on Earth. If you want to lose weight, your husband and your liver, come to Wyoming. If you lived here, you’d be dead by now!

Snap! From the relationship troubles of James and Ella, the film cuts to a good old-fashioned hoedown! Though, it probably wouldn’t have been old fashioned at the time. Not only is this a hoedown, it’s a hoedown on roller skates. I must admit, I’d never seen a fiddler on skates before. I clearly have not lived. Are the roller skates another silent film comedy reference? I suppose if you’re going to bankrupt the company Charlie Chaplin started, you may as well give a nod to his physical humour.


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