Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 84 of 229

12 Sep

84 of 229


End it! Make the skating stop! Somebody do something! It’s been going on for four minutes. Jeff Bridges is drunk and roller-dancing is what they all do for fun. I get it! Right now I would welcome the Stock Growers Association riding in on horses with rollerblades and obliterating everyone. James, to his credit doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself. Maybe he prefers pogo sticks.

The song has ended! Thank goodness. All in attendance cheer and holler. I’m pleased they enjoyed themselves. I did not. Perhaps I should have strapped on skis to review this minute. The editing is snappy, I must admit. I dare say the editor had a lot of coverage to work with.

I think Jeff Bridge’s character is pretty hammered and I can’t understand a word he says. There’s no river to drown out the sound either. Perhaps Bridges was deliberately being quiet in solidarity with all the rivers whose volume as been turned down by film crews? Can you be a member of the Rivers Lakes Estuaries & Puddles Guild if you’re not made from liquid? His last name is Bridges, so I guess close enough.


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