Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 85 of 229

13 Sep

85 of 229

The song winds up and Jeff Bridges’ character is really sloshed. Woh, something is awry here. Mr. Bridges falls out the door, taking Ella with, him to vomit and the film’s hue turns sepia and the image appears solarised. Is cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond giving us a McCabe and Mrs. Miller call-back? Oh hang on, I’m wearing sunglasses. I’ll just take them off and see if it makes a difference. No – no difference.

This picture seems to have taken on a slightly surreal bent. Ella rolls back inside the hall and she is alone. Yet the band is about to strike-up. Where is everyone? Doing that hilarious thing where one of your friends heads to the bathroom so you all move tables or hide to confuse them? Hats off to the band for packing up their gear so quickly. Though, they’ve only got to move fiddles, harmonicas and washboards. It’s not like they had to dismantle a ten-piece drum kit and a wall of Marshall amps.

I wonder if colour alteration will continue. Hopefully there’ll be a musical number in over saturated three-strip Technicolor. Though, with the roller-skating ended, that opportunity has probably been lost.


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