Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 86 of 229

14 Sep

86 of 229

James joins Ella in the hall. His skates have mysteriously disappeared. Continuity error! But Ella’s skates are gone as well. Where did they go? Did they leave together? Spin-off film idea – James and Ella’s skates fall in love and travel across country to discover the real America. After a long journey of personal progression, they reach the border and find that the real America was inside them all along.

Other spin-off idea: James and Ella’s skates escape their feet and embark on an hilarious caper to the big city to make some fast bucks on Wall Street. It’ll be called “Rolling In It” and star Charlie Sheen as the voice of James’ Skate #2.

James and Ella dance alone, while the band continues to play. I don’t like the knowing looks of the fiddle player. There’s something intrinsically troubling about violin players. Have a violin player stare at you while they play. Is one standing in front of you now? Good. Count them in. Are they looking at you? Let the music play for a time. You see what I mean! It’s the head tilt and mellifluous arm movements. C.R.E.E.P.Y! Get them out of your house before it’s too late!


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