Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 87 of 229

15 Sep

87 of 229

James and Ella are dancing up a storm! How a simple waltz can generate an intense low-pressure weather system is anyone’s guess. Maybe it’s the twirling? Are hurricanes and tornadoes the result of over exuberant hoedowns? I don’t know – the Bureau of Meteorology isn’t returning my calls. You think they could pick up the darn telephone. What are my tax dollars going toward? If I want to call up a government agency on a Saturday and ask inane questions about hurricanes, I should be allowed. I mean, what has this bloody country come to? I can’t even find a forum to post my query. There was a time when the government served you. Nowadays, we’re all beholden poor work practices of the Bureau of Meteorology. My conclusion that storms are the result of music with a 3/4 time signature could be of great national importance. But they’ll never know because they’re too busy pushing paper and emptying their rain gauges! Damn you, BOM! Damn you!


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